How to properly wind hair on a curling rod

How to properly wind hair on a curling rod
With the help of electric curling irons or curling irons, you can quickly create a variety of hairstyles. Steep curls, light waves, graphic lines or art disorder – the look of your styling depends on the cosmetics used and the method of curling.

You will need
  • – curling tongs;
  • – hairdryer;
  • – fixing spray;
  • – Thermal protection cream;
  • – comb;
  • – зажимы для волос;
  • – hair spray.
For proper hair styling you will need a plate with ceramic plates – it gently curls the hair, without hurting them. If your hair is electrified, choose forceps with ionization function. For laying short hair you need a curling plate with a thin and short stem. To create soft waves, choose a larger device.

Prepare hair for a wave. Wash your head, then treat the strands with an air conditioner, giving volume and removing excess static electricity. Rinse hair, pat them with a towel and blow dry with a hairdryer.

Preheat ployka. Comb the hair and fasten the front part with the clips. Curl, start from the back of the neck and sides. Divide the hair into strands, each spray with a spray. If you want to achieve steep curls, the strands should be very thin. To create soft waves, wind larger strands and do not tighten them.

Закрепите прядь зажимом у самых кончиков волос. Распределите волосы на стержне плойки равномерно – так завиток получится более ровным. Накрутите прядь до корней или завейте только кончики – все зависит от выбранной вами прически.

After turning the hair, fix the forceps for a few seconds, and then gently release the curl and proceed to the curl of the next. Try not to touch or comb the newly wound hair – they must cool and fix the curl. To curls look natural, wind curls in different directions.

Если вы хотите придать прическе объем, сначала обработайте волосы у корней. Захватывайте неширокие пряди, зажимайте их щипцами и, приподняв вертикально, держите 5-7 секунд. Закончив, можете завить концы волос.

Cool curls sprinkle with hairspray and whip them with your fingers. To make the curl of curls more magnificent, throw the curls down, tilting the head, whip the curls and flip them on the back. Such a styling option is suitable for long and semi-long hair. To get light waves, brush your hair with a brush, trying not to pinch the curls.

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