How to properly use fatty creams

How to properly use fatty creams
Oily creams are primarily designed to nourish the skin. Correctly selected fat cream will relieve the skin from constriction and peeling, make it supple and tender. Do not be afraid of too heavy a texture of these creams. When used correctly, they are useful and very effective.

Clean your face before applying cream on it. Simple washing will not be enough. Use a special product, for example, milk or a gel for washing.

Наносите жирный крем на очищенное и сухое лицо легкими круговыми движениями. Не стоит втирать крем в кожу. Если крем не впитывается сразу, ничего страшного. Подождите минут пять-десять, а потом промокните лицо бумажной салфеткой и удалите остатки крема.

Use a fat night cream at least an hour before bedtime. It must be well absorbed into the skin. If the next morning, the traces of the cream are visible on the pillow, next time apply the cream on the skin early before bed or change the cosmetic. Maybe it does not suit you.

Apply a daytime greasy cream forty minutes before you leave the house. Such cream is especially useful in the winter, because it protects the skin from temperature changes and reduces the risk of irritation due to frost and wind.

Use a greasy cream for face and body after sunbathing. Apply the cream after showering on a clean, slightly damp skin, paying special attention to the decollete zone, as well as elbows, knees and feet. The sun dries the skin, and fatty creams nourish it and return elasticity and velvety.

Use fatty creams to soften and nourish the skin of the hands and feet. Very useful night masks for the hands and feet, especially if the skin on them is dry and rough. Before going to bed, make a bath with sea salt for the feet and hands. Then wipe the feet with a towel, apply a nourishing cream on them and put on cotton socks. On hands, greased with cream, put on gloves or gloves of cotton. In the morning, remove socks and gloves. The skin after that will become soft and tender.

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