How to properly update your wardrobe by the fall

How to properly update your wardrobe by the fall
When the summer ends, life changes dramatically. In the wardrobe, warmer things appear again, which displace frivolous sandals and light sarafans. In addition, autumn is the time when you can completely update all your clothes. This is due to the fact that over the summer a person becomes much more beautiful – is gaining vitamins, becoming tanned, the skin is leveled. And it is autumn that should accentuate all the acquired virtues.

To properly update your wardrobe by the fall, you need to start with cleaning. Look at your closet critically. First of all, get those things that you have not worn for more than six months, and boldly throw them out. Next thing for summer wardrobe items. Light dresses are unlikely to be useful for you, so do not take them off all the shelves. Gently fold and put in the far corner until next season. Now you have enough space to put new, eye-pleasing things.

Take a good look at the warm clothes that you already have. Twirl in front of the mirror, try to combine certain elements of the wardrobe. Pick up accessories. If you feel that there are not enough pairs for some skirts or trousers, write down your notes on a sheet of paper. Take off your standards and check with international tables of sizes. Scroll through the fashion magazines to keep abreast of the latest global trends. Then you can go shopping.

First of all, on shopping pay attention to those items of the wardrobe that you lack, for example, a business, but stylish office blouses. Hence, first fill in the blanks.

После можете уже посмотреть по сторонам на те вещи, которые привлекут ваше внимание. Но сразу же в магазин не кидайтесь. Подумайте, с чем вы сможете эту вещь носить. Ведь если вы возьмете бездумно первое, что попадется вам под руку, позже придется либо весь гардероб обновлять под эту вещь, либо выбрасывать ее за ненужностью.

Remember that in the autumn wardrobe must be 2-3 warm cardigan. Let one be for work, another for meetings with friends, and the third for cozy evenings at home. Do not forget about trousers and jeans. Naturally, they will not be cotton anymore, so carefully consider the choice of material from which these trousers are made. Let it be as natural as possible, but at the same time it has the ability to keep heat.

In the choice of models skirts no restrictions. However, which is better отдать предпочтение несколько утепленным моделям, а не шифоновым. Хотя именно сочетание тонких тканей и плотного материала уже который год очень популярно осенью и зимой.

Do not forget about the outer clothing – jackets, coats, raincoats. All this gives room for creativity and imagination. However, do not score your wardrobe immediately for everyone. So, for example, if you do not like to wear a coat, you do not have to succumb to fashion trends and buy it, so that later it hangs in your wardrobe.

Picking up a thing from the shelf of the store, immediately try to imagine what you will combine it with. Stylists recommend to collect a few sets for different occasions and diversify them with stylish accessories.

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