How to properly twist curlers? Fast way for beautiful curls

How to properly twist curlers? Fast way for beautiful curls
Curlers – this is the safest way to create beautiful curls. In order to correctly wind hair on curler, you need to know the different types of this accessory. The appearance of future curls depends on the thickness of curlers, fixing means and much more. Before winding hair on curlers, comb the hair with a wooden comb to avoid the appearance of static electricity. Comb your hair in the direction in which you plan to wind curlers. Divide the head into several zones and kill each. Loosen the hair of one of the zones and divide into strands. Pick up a single string, moisten with water, tighten a little and start winding on the curlers from the tip.

Remove hair curlers should be when the hair is completely dry. Do not comb your hair at once: let the locks lock. Run your fingers into the hair and shake them. You can use a comb with sparse teeth.

Termobigudi are known since the times of the USSR. Modern analogues should be boiled on the plate for 5-10 minutes or heated in a microwave for 1-3 minutes. In order to tighten the curler, you need a certain skill. After all, if you spend too much time on perms, some of the tubes will cool down. On average, the process of creating curls with the help of a thermal camera lasts 10-20 minutes. Keep in mind that daily contact with the hot surface affects the hair condition badly. Therefore, thermalbags are not suitable for frequent use.

To fix the ringlets, beer is perfect. Treat them with strands before winding on curlers. The smell of beer quickly disappears and does not bother anymore.

Electro-curlers are an improved version of the thermobigi. The device is a box in which the curlers are heated on a special stand. The device allows to use the function of intensive heating and maintaining the temperature. Thus, the electric curlers remain hot as long as necessary. On the sides of the curler there are rims that do not heat up. This allows you to wind curlers and not burn fingers. Hair curling with the help of an electric hair curler is considered to be more careful compared to a thermal hair. Therefore, the only drawback of the device is the high price.

Do not overdry curls, as this will not make the desired shape.

Velcro curlers, or hedgehogs have a fleecy surface. Due to this, they are attached to the hair without clamps, elastics and sticks. Hair, wound on such curlers, it is convenient to dry the hair dryer. After all, "Lipuchok" has a mesh structure that is perfectly blown with air. This type of curler is often used on short hair. With the help of "Velcro" you can create an excellent root volume. The napping device tends to tangle strands. Therefore, those who have thin and damaged hair is better off using this type of curler.

Foam curlers are cheap, easy to use, and their effect on hair is one of the most sparing. On soft curlers you can sleep without feeling any discomfort. The drawback of the curler is that foam does not keep shape well. Therefore, during sleep, the curls can deform.

Curlers boomerangs, or curlers women and girls love for a soft and easily bending structure. This type of curler does not require heating, so the effect on hair is very gentle. Plus, that boomerangs do not heat up, if to dry them with a hair dryer. In order to fix the hair on the papilla, you just need to bend it. This kind of curler is suitable for night curling. The disadvantage is that the hairpins have a wire rod, which is easy to break, if you strongly bend it.

Plastic curlers have a perforated surface. Due to this, they can be easily blown by a hairdryer. As a fixer of hair is a stick or an elastic band. Throughout the curlers are mini-spikes, which do not allow hair to disintegrate.

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