How to properly remove hair

How to properly remove hair
Excess vegetation on the body delivers a lot of trouble, has an aesthetic appearance. How to get rid of hair for a short period of time or for good? What modern methods can properly remove hair on the body?

Use a razor. The most common way to remove hair in the underarm area, the bikini zone, from the feet. Apply soap solution to the body where it is needed remove excess hair, shave the shaving machine as neatly as possible, without pressing too hard on the razor. After the procedure, grease the place of treatment after shaving cream.

Крем-депилятор. Щадящий метод избавления от нежелательных волосков на теле. Средство нанесите на чистую кожу, оставьте на 5-10 минут, снимите остатки крема с отсоединившимися волосками специальной лопаточкой, которая продается вместе с кремом. Чем чаще делаете подобную процедуру, тем меньше волос будет отрастать на месте выпавших.

Electrodepilator. There are many kinds of them. The more modern and expensive the model, the less painful it feels when shaving her hair. Use an electric depilator as indicated in its instructions. After application, apply a lotion on the skin of the body, which removes irritation.

Wax, wax strips, sugar water (shugaring). All types of these procedures for hair removal are of the same type. The drug is applied to the skin of the body, then with paper strips, the remedy is sharply removed against the growth of the hair. The method is rather painful, but effective. Hair for a long time does not grow on the site of their removal.

Folk methods. Such gentle methods of skin treatment include the lubrication of problem areas of the body with the juice of green grapes or infusion of crushed seeds of nettle with vegetable oil. Treat as often as possible epilated заранее места на теле.

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