How to properly moisturize the skin

How to properly moisturize the skin
The facial skin asks for moisturizing all year round. In the summer it dries the sun, in the winter it loses its moisture from the cold. And if you live in a big city, the problem of dehydration becomes even more acute. Therefore, the choice of moisturizing agent for facial skin and its correct use are always relevant. So, do you need to moisturize dehydrated skin? It's simple!

Choose natural means. The less chemical components in a cosmetic product – the more ecological and healthier it is.

Do not be lazy. читать annotation: what do the producers promise, due to what the moisturizing effect is achieved and how deep is the effect of the cosmetic product? The product, moisturizing only the surface layers of the skin, will not give a sustainable effect – choose a means that penetrates to the deep layers of the epidermis.

Moisturize the skin at all stages of caring for it. The first stage is purification. Use a gel and milk with the effect of moisturizing. Then tonify the skin with a moisturizing tonic. And, finally, use moisturizing creams.

All moisturizers – from the cleansing stage to the moment of targeted moisturizing – should be well combined. Ideally, if it is a special moisturizing series from a single manufacturer.
How to properly moisturize the skin

Minimize your efforts and expenses: choose creams that not only moisturize, but also solve the personal problems of your skin – dryness, fatness, age changes, etc.

Follow the news. Researchers constantly find new solutions, improving cosmetic products. For example, company Yves Rocher released a gamut Hydra Vegetal. All products in it are of vegetable origin, there are means for purification, toning and care. And a separate moisturizing cream is provided for each type of skin.
How to properly moisturize the skin

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