How to properly cut a fringe bang yourself

How to properly cut a fringe bang yourself
Slanting bangs – a very unusual solution that allows you to change your appearance. If there is no opportunity to visit the salon, but you really want to change something in life, you can change yourself a bit and cut the slanting bang at home. Today, many women prefer to wear a slanting bangs. And not for nothing, because it looks interesting, and it fits many.

The shape of the bangs is a very important part of the haircut. She goes alone, makes others ridiculous. To prevent this from happening, before trim a bang, you need to carefully look at your face and determine the type to which it belongs. For a round, oval or square type of face, the long oblique fringe that is best able to give youth a youthful and fresh look is best. She is sheared to the level of the eyelashes. For those with small facial features, it is better to wear a short oblique bangs. There is also an exception, in which the oblique bangs are not recommended at all. Such an exception is curly hair.

To trim the oblique bangs correctly, it is best to contact a hairdresser, but you can change appearance и самостоятельно. Чтобы не допустить ошибок, при стрижке необходимо помнить, что из прямой челки очень сложно сделать косую. Поэтому челку необходимо сразу подстригать наискосок. Если сделать прямой срез, то его очень сложно исправить, если же такой срез будет располагаться высоко, то сделать из него косой и вовсе невозможно.

Care must be given to the length. For an oblique bang, there is no pronounced length, it can be long, short, and medium. If there is no complete confidence in the choice of length, then it is better to start an experiment with a long bang. After all, the short of the long can always be done, but on the contrary – alas.

To cut a bang, it is necessary to prepare sharp scissors, hair clips and clamps. It's better if the scissors are professional.

To start, bangs need to be separated, and the rest of the hair is harvested in the tail or stabbed. Before you start to trim the bangs, you need to pay attention to the type of hair. Obedient hair should be slightly dampened with water. If the strands are naughty and on the one hand they rise at the roots, then cut them better on dry hair, and make the elongation from the raised side. It should be borne in mind that if the hair before the haircut was wet, then in the final version they can "jump" and become shorter by 0,5-1 cm. If the curls were dry, the haircut may not be exactly flat due to the currently available styling . Then bangs need to comb the comb well with sparse teeth in different directions, the main thing is not to miss a single hair. Next, you need to imagine the level of the inclination of the future bang, choose a small strand of hair, pinch between the index and middle fingers, pull and shave along an imaginary line. Scissors must be kept at an angle of 45 degrees.

If the scissors are at right angles to the strands, then the hair will slide along the blade, and the bangs will be in the form of an arc.

The same should be done with the rest of the hair. In this way, a smooth cut can be obtained. If it is necessary to get a slanting bang with interesting edges, you can walk with scissors with small denticles at the tips of your hair or make a thinning.

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