How to properly braid a double braid

How to properly braid a double braid
Now in a variety of braids. A double braid is a very original hairstyle. She visually thickens her hair. The braid, made on long hair, will emphasize your personality.

Double French braid

The scythe inside (French) is the basis for the double braid. In order to braid the French braid properly, you need to practice beforehand. Its peculiarity is that the sticks are always put down, not upwards. It is very important not to get lost in the hair. To do this, the locks must be constantly supported with your fingers.

So, in the beginning, divide the hair on the top of the head into three strands. Mentally number the strands from left to right: the left strand is №1, the middle strand is №2, the right strand is №3. In order for the spit to look neat, the first locks should be braided, without adding hair from the sides. Strand No. 1 place under the middle strand number 2. Then put the right strand # 3 under the middle one. Next to the side strands do pick-ups from the left and the right side alternately. In the next stage, from the last strand, separate a small part and fasten it with a clamp at the top. After that, make a pick-up and weave an extreme lock in the braid. Do the same on the other side. Separate from the working strand a small part in each subsequent step. Then weave the working strand under the bottom.

As the braid is braided, gently pull it out by the edges. You can do this later when the braid is completely braided. But pulling strands will be more difficult. In addition, it can not be very nice and tidy.

When all loose hair is braided, continue to weave the same pattern. Pick up do not, but highlight and pinch small strands. As a result, you will get a braid with free strands along the entire length. From these strands plait a regular spikelet. He will lie on top of the French braid. Fix the ends of both braids with an elastic band. The upper braid, if desired, can be replaced by a tourniquet or fish tail.

Double spit "Waterfall"

First, start the hair starting from the back of the head. When curling, the fuse should be directed downwards. Start the weave just above the right ear. The braid should pass an arc along the head and end over the right ear. So, behind the right ear divide the hair into three parts. Move the left strand to the center strand, and then place the right strand above the center strand. Take a strand of hair from above and add them to the central strand. Keep the right strand below. Instead of it, select another strand from above and cross over the central one. Under this scheme, add a braid to the left ear. To form an arc, tighten the upper strands well.

Create a second spit "Waterfall" at 10 cm below the first. Use the same technique. Now use hair falling down as the upper strands. When you twist the braid to the left side, connect it to the tip of the first braid. Tighten a small braid and fix it with an elastic band.

The remaining hair can be left loose, pick them up in the tail or lift them to the crown with invisibles.

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