How to properly and quickly remove extensions at home

How to properly and quickly remove extensions at home
Not all nature has presented thick, black eyelashes. To correct this deficiency, women come to specialists who increase eyelashes. But over time they start to fall out themselves. At such times, eyelashes look groomed and strange. But you can remove the eyelash extensions at home, saving money and time.

How to remove augmented eyelashes in Home conditions with the help of cream

The easiest way to remove augmented eyelashes is a regular cream. You need to choose a cosmetic product that has a high fat content. When applying this cream on the eyelash line, the fatty medium dissolves the glue on which the cilia are kept. Approximately in 5-10 minutes, the glue will dissolve and the cilia themselves will fall off. The easiest way to apply the cream with cotton buds, carefully spreading the base of each cilium.

Removal of extensions eyelashes with oils

The principle of the effect of oil is the same as that of the cream. But the oils also nourish their own cilia. Use the best olive or castor oil. Moreover, the useful properties of these oils have been known for a long time. The removal process will be somewhat longer than with removal of cream. Therefore, the procedure is best done before bedtime, and in the morning the cilia themselves fall off. Also butter the eyelash line with a cotton swab or a stick.

How to remove eyelashes at home using a professional tool

If you're afraid to experiment, then you can use a professional tool – a debander. Its price is low, so that every woman who increases her cilia can afford to buy a deboner. In comparison with creams and oils, the debonder dissolves even the most resistant adhesives. Use it must be clearly on the instructions. Slightly watered cotton pad must be fixed under the lower eyelid. A cotton swab or stick is applied to the eyelashes. This should be done carefully and carefully, as this product, even with the correct application, will gently pinch the skin. After the required time has elapsed, it is necessary to rinse the eyes thoroughly under running water. After removing the extensible eyelashes by a debander, it is possible to paste new ones only after a few days.

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