How to prolong the youth of a woman

How to prolong the youth of a woman
Delicate skin without a hint of wrinkles, healthy hair and nails, an open look – every woman dreams of staying young and beautiful for a long time. Unfortunately, time and the wrong way of life in every possible way prevent this, forcing to be upset when looking in the mirror. Can a woman extend youth, and what should I do to achieve this?

Eat correctly. Здоровое сбалансированное питание – источник вашей молодости и красоты. Старайтесь употреблять в пищу как можно больше полезных продуктов таких как овощи и фрукты, рыба, орехи, разнообразные крупы.Чтобы продлить youth, откажитесь или сведите к минимуму присутствие в вашем рационе фаст-фуда, жареных, сладких и мучных блюд. Не переедайте.Пейте больше обычной негазированной воды, так вы увлажните свою кожу не только снаружи, но и изнутри. Чистая питьевая вода и зеленый чай – best beverages for women, wishing to extend youth.

Get enough sleep. Strong healthy sleep affects not only the appearance (in a sleepy women and the complexion is healthier, and eyes shine brighter), but also on the work of all organs and systems of the body. And to maintain their health, and so и youth, не нужно пренебрегать этим правилом.Оптимальная продолжительность сна – восемь часов. В идеале, отправляться спать нужно в 22-23 часа, не позже.Хроническое многодневное недосыпание не лучшим образом влияет на female beauty, leads to fatigue and general weakening of the body. A full-fledged dream is one of the most important conditions for maintaining a beautiful appearance and prolonging youth.

Lead a healthy lifestyle: quit smoking and drinking alcohol, move more, try to be less nervous, especially without a serious reason. Smoking leads not only to early education wrinkles and earthy complexion, this "harmless" habit poisons the body, leads to diseases of the pulmonary system, slows the cells' ability to self-repair. Also, minimize alcohol consumption if you want to extend your youth.

Move as much as possible: do any kind of sport, walk, spend more time in the fresh air. Motion saturates the cells with oxygen, regulates metabolism, increases the endurance of the body. All this allows you to extend youth, женскую красоту и привлекательность.

Less worry about trifles, try not to dramatize, look at things soberly. In order not to accumulate irritation, learn to relax, for example, with the help of yoga. Stress is one of the main enemies of good appearance and youth women.

Use the proven Tibetan means of prolonging youth. Take chamomile, immortelle, St. John's wort and birch buds – all according to 100gr. Mix, grind in a coffee grinder. One tablespoon of this mixture pour two cups of boiling water, insist twenty minutes, strain. Before going to bed, drink a glass of infusion, dissolving in it a teaspoon of honey. In the morning, heat the remaining liquid in a water bath, add honey, drink. So act until the mixture ends. After five years, the course rejuvenation it is recommended to repeat the body. Despite the simplicity of cooking and the availability of ingredients, the product cleanses the body, improves metabolism, prevents the occurrence of many diseases, prolongs youth.

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