How to prevent ingrown hairs

How to prevent ingrown hairs
Removing volos The body is not neglected even by ardent adherents of a natural appearance. There are different ways of epilation. But whatever method you use, the undesirable consequences in the form of ingrown voloscan be a serious problem. It is better to try to prevent ingrowth volos, than to get rid of the consequences.

Make a peeling a few days before the proposed procedure. Use high-quality exfoliating agents. Scrubs will remove dead and dead skin particles and raise even small and thin volosки, которые потом легче будет удалить. Можно приготовить скраб и в domestic conditions, for example, based on ground coffee or oat flakes.

Take a hot shower before epilation. Rub the skin with a coarse washcloth or a special stiff shower mask. This will open the pores and facilitate the removal of unwanted volos. Не пользуйтесь гелем для душа или мылом. Применение моющих средств перед удалением volos может вызвать раздражение на коже.

Use only a sharp shaver if you prefer shaving voloss. If you use a depilator, carefully clean volosfrom the mechanism of the apparatus after each procedure. Be sure to disinfect the epilator before each removal. volos.

Производите удаление volos Only in the direction of their growth, if you use a razor. Pay attention to the choice of shaving foam, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Use special lotions and sprays to slow growth volos. Они увлажняют и смягчают кожу и позволяют volosкам расти нормально.

Wear linen made from natural fabrics. Take care that the clothes are not too tight and squeeze the skin.

Try to change the way of epilation from time to time. If you have always used only a depilator, try a hot or cold wax. If your arsenal has long been only a razor, replace it with a depilator.

Consult a specialist in the beauty salon, if all methods have not saved you from the problem of ingrown volos. Especially if you have irritations and suppuration in those places where volos растет под кожей.

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