How to prevent hair graying

How to prevent hair graying
Gray in hair is due to the loss of their pigment – melanin. Gray hair appears more often after 35 years, but it is often found in young people who do not have thirty. Since it is almost impossible to stop this process, it is worthwhile to worry in advance about delaying the appearance of gray hair.

You will need
  • – mint;
  • – lavender;
  • – Melissa;
  • – sprouted wheat;
  • – parsley juice;
  • – a nettle broth.
One of the main reasons why hair lose its pigment is stress. Avoiding them in the modern way of life is almost impossible, so you should learn to keep your peace of mind in any situation. Yoga and meditation can help in this. Learn to relax and forget about troubles: walk more often, go on nature, communicate with friends and family. Be sure to find time for a hobby – a favorite activity helps you get distracted from problems. It will be useful to take in a day calming warm baths with essential oils – mint, lavender or lemon balm.

Early ingraying могут спровоцировать и некоторые болезни: патологии щитовидной железы, нервные расстройства, нарушения обмена веществ. Поэтому в группе риска оказываются те, у кого имеется соответствующий диагноз или генетическая склонность к данным заболеваниям. Таким людям необходимо тщательно следить за своим здоровьем и выполнять все предписания врача.

The cause of premature graying of hair can be a lack of useful substances: vitamins B, E and folic acid, as well as iron, zinc and selenium. It follows that severe diets that can not be abused can provoke premature graying. Watch for the balance of your diet, take multivitamin preparations. Delaying the graying will help certain products: in your menu must be present beef and eggs, fish, walnuts, spinach, berries (cherry, cherry), greens.

Traditional medicine advises to eat wheat germ: 1 a tablespoon of sprouts a day can not only prevent the appearance of gray hair, but also slow the already begun process of hair loss melanin. The juice of parsley will also be of great use: it should be consumed within a month by 25-30 g per day.

Prevent graying of hair regular use of folk remedies will help. One of the most effective in this situation – a nettle broth, which is recommended to use for rinsing hair, as well as regularly rubbed into the scalp.

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