How to prevent acne on the back

How to prevent acne on the back
On the back is a lot of sebaceous glands, especially in the area of ??the scapula. As a result of friction against clothing, dead skin particles clog pores, which causes the formation of acne. Fortunately, there are a few tips to prevent this.


1. Choose clothes from natural materials.

Synthetics absolutely does not absorb sweat, while cotton can absorb everything to the last drop, so that the pores will have nothing to clog. This is especially true during physical training or in the heat, when sweating is more intense than usual. Try to choose loose white cotton blouses. So you protect the skin from artificial dyes.

2. Wash your head thoroughly.

It happens that on the head nest fungal and yeast bacteria, which, if you sweat, move to the neck, and thence to the back. Try to replace your habitual shampoo with anti-dandruff, which has an antiseptic effect.

3. Wear high hairstyles.

Этот совет связан с тем, насколько часто вы используете всевозможные стайлинговые средства (лаки, муссы, спреи). Ваша задача – постараться сделать так, чтобы они не попадали на кожу спины. Для этого собирайте волосы к высокие пучкиили хвосты. Так волосы не будут тереться о спину.

4. Change clothes if sweaty.

Try to take a shower after any physical activity. If this is not possible, always replace the soaked clothing with clean clothing. Firstly, it is hygienic, and secondly, it will not allow bacteria to multiply on your skin.

5. Limit carbohydrates.

Scientists unanimously say that a low-glycemic diet is capable of one-two to rid everyone of acne. Try to exclude from the diet products with a high glycemic index (causing blood sugar jumps), for example, remove white bread or ground rice from the menu, and you will almost instantly notice that the pimples disappear as if by magic. Eat more legumes and fruits, they will help curb your appetite.

6. Pay attention to peeling your back.

Use special antibacterial products for the body, they perfectly clean the pores. You can use them locally only in problem areas. If this does not work, try using products containing salicylic acid. They will help to dry pimples and will not allow sebaceous glands to work so actively.

7. Use a scrub before shower gel.

Это нетрадиционный подход, но он работает. Скраб эффективно отшелушивает все отмершие частички кожи, а гель эффективно очищает поры от загрязнений. Главное, не увлекайтесь скрабированием слишком сильно. Пары раз в неделю будет вполне достаточно.

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