How to preserve the appearance of elbows

How to preserve the appearance of elbows
The skin on the elbows often becomes dry and rough, changes color to brownish. With proper care of the problem, one can avoid or minimize its manifestations. To care for elbows fit both folk and cosmetic means.

Daily lubricate the skin on the elbows with a nutritious cream enriched with vitamins A and E. Optimum for any child, but keep in mind that if it is too fat, the procedure should be carried out in the evening hours. Otherwise, there may be marks on the clothes. Actually, pharmacies and shops offer a wide range of products designed specifically for the care of elbows, heels and knees – they have a balanced composition, saturate the skin with nutrients.

If you notice that the skin has become dry, then it's time to take a bath. Pour in a wide basin of water, add a teaspoon of sea salt, olive or sunflower oil table, vitamin A capsule and the same number of E. Immerse elbows in water and hold 15 minutes, then resort to scrub. If you do not have any products containing abrasive particles, you can use ordinary soda, which must be mixed with liquid soap. Apply the formulation to the skin with massaging movements. After wash.

Use lemon juice if the skin starts to darken. To do this, squeeze the juice from one fetus, soak small napkins in it and attach it to the elbows heated in hot water. Hold 10 minutes, rinse the skin with water. Blot with a towel and grease with olive oil, wait until it is completely absorbed. Literally, after several procedures elbows will acquire a fresh look and become soft. The juice from the lemon can not be squeezed out, but cut the fruit into slices. They need to be applied to problem areas.

Once a week, make a banana mask with sour cream – mix components with a blender until smooth, then add a little lemon juice. Apply on cleansed elbows skin for 15 minutes. After using any moisturizing cream. The use of a scrub before applying a mask is mandatory, if the skin on the elbows is scaly.

Professional care for elbows is the best choice. If you have free time and money, visit beauty salons. Paraffinotherapy works great if you need to return the old look to your skin. Peelings and masks, which the master has, also do not go in comparison with those that can be bought or prepared independently.

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