How to prepare yourself for a diet or a new diet.

How to prepare yourself for a diet or a new diet.
Often there is a situation that a person can not go on a diet for the reason that breaks down on the first day. All this is due to the fact that the schedule of meals, the diet changes dramatically. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for a diet.

Подготовка себя к диете заключается в 5 этапах.
Первый. Необходимо питаться как обычно, но уменьшив свои порции до той которая действительно необходима вашему организму. Голодание не к чему, просто не переедайте. К этому привыкаем 3 дня.

Now you can gradually exclude from your diet harmful and not very useful food. Every two days something is removed for cleaning. It can be: fatty, very sweet, very salty, purchased fried pastries, sweet soda. This stage lasts until your diet will not contain harmful for the figure and body products.

At the third stage, we refuse to eat after 6-7 evenings. It is allowed to eat fruit or low-calorie yoghurt / kefir

The last step is planning your diet or diet. Of course, there are a lot of different options on the Internet, but they are not individual. So now you can safely visit a nutritionist who will make you a personal diet or diet.

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