How to prepare hair for summer

How to prepare hair for summer
Restoration of hair after winter is due to the fact that in the cold season they lose elasticity, become dry and difficult to lay down. That's why it takes time to return a beautiful head of hair. Cosmetic industry offers quite a lot of money, but also home masks can play a good role for hair beauty.

Refuse daily washing of hair, it dries them. It is enough to use shampoo twice a week, regardless of the type of hair. Means with collagen bind flakes, provide strength and elasticity. After using shampoo, you must definitely use the conditioner. This procedure will facilitate the combing.

After washing, rinse the hair with infusion of medicinal herbs to give shine. Mix onion husks, dry nettle in equal proportions, add 1 liter of boiling water. Infuse the mixture for one hour in the refrigerator. Rinse hair after washing with shampoo.

Do not use a hair dryer after every hair wash, this overdry. Always finish the procedure with cold air. Use the means that protect the strands. Apply to wet hair products with a hydro-effect, containing vitamins. From the stowage facilities you can choose the ones that are specially designed for hot styling.

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