How to prepare a mask for hair growth with brandy

How to prepare a mask for hair growth with brandy
If you do not do hair masks at home, it's time to start caring for your hair. Independent procedures will help restore shine and vitality, as well as accelerate the growth of curls.

Masks for hair at home are prepared from a large number of ingredients. Depending on the composition of the mixture, you can achieve different results: activate hair growth, reduce the fat content of curls, restore shine to them, etc. Below we will consider several recipes for hair masks, which include cognac. Homemade mixtures will help you activate the growth of curls, restore their natural shine.

Mask for hair with cognac, activating hair growth

To create a mixture for procedures, take:

  • 1 st. l. cognac;
  • 2 tsp. with a slide of salt. It is recommended to take sea salt, but the cook is also suitable.
  • 2 st. l. liquid honey.

The mask for hair with cognac is prepared very simply. It is necessary to mix all the above ingredients in a convenient container, mixing them to homogeneity. Then you have to wait 2 weeks. It is this term of the composition that you need to stand in a cool dark place. When 14 days pass, you can use the mixture.

The mask for hair with cognac is applied to the head in the following way: first the composition is rubbed into the roots, and then the mass is distributed along the entire length of the curls. When the hair is fully processed, you need to "pack" it into heat. To do this, put a shower cap on your head or wrap the hair with cellophane, from above build a turban from a towel. Wait half an hour, then rinse off the hair mask. This home procedure activates hair growth, improves their appearance. Carry out manipulations 1-2 times a week.

Mask for dry and lifeless hair

If your hair is devoid of vitality, gloss, become dry and brittle, prepare the next mask. To create it you need:

  • 1 st. l. cognac;
  • According to 3 art. l. burdock oil (sold in a pharmacy) and onion juice.

Combine these ingredients in a convenient bowl, mix until smooth. Wear the mask slowly in the scalp, roots, then spread the mixture along the entire length of the hair. Wrap your head in heat, as described in the recipe above, soak the mask on your head for 30 minutes, then rinse with water.

Doing a hair mask at home is important course in 10-15 procedures. Periodicity of application of the formulation – 1-2 times a week. With this approach, you will soon notice that the hair has acquired a healthy shine and a well-groomed appearance.

A little advice for those who do not know how to get onion juice. To squeeze out the juice from the vegetable, peel it from the husk and grate it with a small shredder. The resulting gruel is folded into gauze and squeeze out the juice. The resulting liquid is used to make a mask.

Mask with cognac for oily hair

If you have oily hair, the recipes suggested above will not work. To improve the condition of your curls, prepare a mask, which includes:

  • 3 st. l. cognac;
  • 1 st. l. liquid honey.

Combine these ingredients in a bowl, mix until smooth. If you have too thick honey, then before combining it with cognac, melt the product of beekeeping in a water bath.

The ready mask rub in massage movements in a skin of a head, roots of hair, the rests of a composition distribute on all length of ringlets. Cover the scalp in warmth. Soak the mixture on the hair for 40 minutes, then wash the head with shampoo.

To improve the condition of the hair, the mask is recommended to use at least 1 times a week. The curl treatment course is 10-15 procedures, then you can apply the composition to your hair 1 times in 7-14 days.

Using hair masks at home, you make your hair curls more beautiful and well-groomed. The main thing is do not wait for a miracle, after one procedure the effect will not be. Apply masks regularly, and the result will not keep you waiting!



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