How to prepare a lotion from acne pimples

How to prepare a lotion from acne pimples
The bay leaf is able to cure pimples, and it does not allow them to appear. Bay leaf began to be used for acne for a long time. Such a seemingly simple means, and what result – a bay leaf can save you and acne! It is enough to cook on the basis of leaves a healing lotion!

For this, pour a hundred grams of laurel leaves with a glass of hot water. Hold on the fire for seven minutes. So I got a laurel lotion for acne. Strain it, cool it. After each application, tightly close, store preferably in a cool place.

Use of lotion from laurel: rub your face during the day with the resulting lotion. Do such an easy procedure until the pimples stop bothering you.

It is worth noting that the bay leaf helps to get rid of this unpleasant disease, but it is extremely important to constantly and regularly use the cooked lotion!

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