How to polish your nails

How to polish your nails
Well-groomed women's hands with a beautiful manicure are what modern women need. To nail healthy and well-groomed appearance, it is necessary to conduct polishing, due to this the surface of the nails will become smooth, smooth and shiny. And do not necessarily leave a lot of money in the beauty salon, you can polish your nails yourself.

You will need
  • – a bath;
  • – nail clippers;
  • – Nail file;
  • – Nail file for polishing;
  • – oil for nails;
  • – hand cream;
  • – soap;
  • – lemon juice.
First of all, prepare all the necessary materials that you will need for polishing nails: nail file, polishing nail, lotion or hand cream and nail clippers. You will also need a small plate or bath. All this kit can be purchased at a specialized store.

Обработайте ногтевые пластины перед процедурой полировки. Для начала снимите слой лака с помощью специального средства, желательно без добавления ацетона. Налейте в ванночку теплую воду и добавьте небольшое количество мыла. Если вы желаете whiten your nails, add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Put your fingers in a container of soapy water and leave for a few minutes.

When the nails are completely dry, the next step is to prepare them for the polishing process. Cut the nails with special tweezers to the required length and if necessary, correct the shape with a conventional nail file.

Carefully inspect the nail file for polishing nails. One side of it has a rigid structure, the other, on the contrary, is soft. Start polishing on the hard side of the nail file, you remove unnecessary roughness and roughness from it, polish the nail surface along the entire length. Then proceed to polishing the nail plates with the soft side of the file.

To give the nails a radiant and healthy appearance, it was the turn of oils and lotions, the task of which is to consolidate the results. You can use a special polishing liquid, which should be rubbed into every nail and cuticle.

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