How to plait braids correctly

How to plait braids correctly
Pigtails are in fashion today – they are in pleasure worn by not only girls, but also quite adult girls. Try different variants of weaving braids and choose one that suits your style. For greater decorativeness the braids can be decorated with hairpins, hairpins and artificial flowers.

You will need
  • – Spray for styling;
  • – mousse for volume;
  • – comb;
  • – transparent elastic bands;
  • – studs;
  • – hair spray;
  • – accessories for hairdressing.
The simplest scythe wobbles from three strands. Pure hair spray with spray for styling and comb. Collect them over the left ear and tie the tail of the elastic band in the color of the hair. Divide the tail into three parts and begin the weaving, crossing the strands. Do not pull them together – the braid should become voluminous. After finishing the weaving, tie the end with an elastic band. The braid can be thrown over the shoulder or rolled into a three-dimensional bundle, secured with studs.

Try to braid the French braid – it is suitable for hair of any length and thickness. Wash your hair and dry your hair. Then put on them mousse for volume and rub it into the roots of the hair. Comb the strands of the comb with sparse teeth.

Separate a part of hair on the vertex and divide it into three strands of equal size. Begin to weave a braid, alternately throwing strands in the center – first left, and then right. Before crossing the strands, add hair to the right and left. Make sure that the pigtail is even.

Tend the braid to the nape of the neck. Then continue the usual braid of three strands. Secure the tip of the braid with a transparent rubber band. Turn it under the braid and straighten it to get a smooth roller. Pinch your hair with hairpins and sprinkle with glitter.

Based on the French pigtail, you can do a lot of hairstyles. Try to weave a braid in the form of a wreath. Treat hair with mousse to create volume and comb. Separate the narrow strand over the left ear, divide it into three parts. Scourge a braid, attaching to it thin strands of the remaining mass of hair. Lead the braid along the forehead to the right ear.

Fasten the pigtail with a thin transparent rubber band, comb the remaining strands and twist them into a tourniquet. Fold it in a round or oblong bundle and clip it with studs. Do not make the beam too neat, it should look slightly sloppy. Fix the hairstyle with lacquer. For a more solemn occasion, the braid can be decorated with a large artificial flower or a pair of elegant combs.

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