How to pierce yourself to the navel

How to pierce yourself to the navel
If you are the owner of a flat sexual tummy, you have in your wardrobe short topics, but there is no money to pay for piercing in the salon, you can проколоть navel yourself. However, this case is associated with a health risk, so think about before deciding, and having decided, carefully prepare …

You will need
  • Alcohol or disinfectant solution, as well as ammonia (in case it becomes bad); medical gloves; earring (it is best to take from gold or medical alloy, but not silver, which is oxidized); scissors; intravenous catheter (16G size); marker; cotton wool; sterile adhesive.
Call the helpers – two of your friends, best of all, if among them there will be one who already has piercing, for a visual aid, so to speak.

Далее идет тщательная дезинфекция всего, что участвует в процессе: вымойте тщательно руки и наденьте перчатки. Ножницы нужно протереть alcohol. The needle is soaked in a bowl with disinfectant solution. We wash them and the puncture site, and especially carefully navel, in the folds of which can "live" a huge number of bacteria.

We mark two points puncture. The distance should be slightly less than the leg of the earring, so that it hangs freely and does not squeeze the skin. It is important to make sure that the puncture was ровным, so before a responsible action, lie on a flat surface. One of your assistants with your fingers will make a crease at the puncture site, the other will insert a catheter (both assistants should also be in sterile gloves). With this method, piercing will be the least risky.

We pull the needle out of the catheter, leaving its tube at the puncture site. Cut the pipe scissors, leaving a small edge for entering the earring. Going there earring, then, gradually removing the catheter, we insert the earring into the puncture. We twist the earring.

Wipe again navel alcohol and tape adhesive. In the future, do not lubricate navel alcohol-containing drugs, so they dry the skin and can slow down заживление. Better use special ointments (levomycol) or solutions (miramistin, chlorhexidine). Till navel will not heal (2-4-of the month), do not wear skin irritating tissues – synthetics or wool.

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