How to pierce the ear at home

How to pierce the ear at home
Of course, it is better to pierce the ears of specialists, but sometimes there is a need to do it at home. A piercing the ear with certain rules and usual care and at home can be quite safe.

First you need to prepare everything you need – a large sewing needle, a disinfectant solution, an earring made of high-quality surgical or precious metal, and a cotton swab. After all these tools are prepared, you can proceed to the procedure.

Most people frighten off painful feelings, but they can be minimized. To do this, you need to use the means of folk anesthesia, for example, such as frozen potatoes. If the cold for a long time to attach to the earlobe, then it almost loses sensitivity, then the puncture is almost not felt.

Before the procedure, it is necessary to treat the ear, earring, needle and hands with disinfectant solution, usually for these purposes alcohol is used. During the puncture it is important not to jerk, and make a smooth and direct movement, since if the puncture is uneven, then in the future it will be difficult to insert the earring. After the ear is punctured, it is necessary to differentiate it again, and then insert the earring.

In the first days after the puncture, the ear can fester, it is absolutely normal, however, if this continues for a long time, then you need to see a doctor. Do not try to pierce other parts of the body in your home conditions, as you can seriously damage your health.

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