How to pierce ears in 2018 year

How to pierce ears in 2018 year
Piercing of the ears is one of the types of piercing, the most developed, and at the same time completely not losing its popularity. Earrings adorn women, although many men go no less. Therefore it is very important to know how to properly pierce ears.

You will need
  • – boric alcohol;
  • – wadding;
  • – earrings.
To avoid an ugly and uneven puncture, as well as possible infection, refrain from piercing the ears in domestic conditions. For this procedure, it is better to contact a medical or cosmetic institution.

Pierce the ears can 2-me ways: one-time sterile pistol – safer and painless method, but rather expensive, and a rounded needle – an old and proven method. In any case, the procedure should only be carried out by a qualified technician.

The choice of earrings when piercing the ears is an important moment. Earlier, earrings were not immediately inserted, but pulled through surgical threads that had to be worn for several days. Now preference is given to earrings. In order not to injure the puncture site, choose light earrings, without heavy precious stones, in the form of a loop and weighing no more than 3-grams.

Very beautiful and interesting will look earrings, punctures for which you do not in the center of the lobe, but closer to the face. But if you want to pierce your ears differently, tell the expert about it.

Перед проведением процедуры прокалывания ушей тщательно вымойте голову. Это необходимо, чтобы избежать попадания в место прокола пыли и грязи, осевших на волосах.

In addition, try to observe the basic rules of hygiene. Every day, change the pillowcase on the pillow. This minimizes the risk of entering microbes and dust. Use a telephone less.

You can not wet your ears after piercing, so you need to wash your head very carefully, throwing it back. In addition, until the punctures are healed, exclude swimming in the sea, the lake or the river.

В первую неделю проводите определенные процедуры ухода за проколами. Каждый день потирайте их раствором борного спирта. Данный препарат вы можете приобрести в аптеке без рецепта.

Чтобы минимизировать риск занесения инфекции, для каждого прокола используйте отдельный тампон и применяйте его только один раз. Средство втирать не нужно, просто на несколько секунд приложите смоченный тампон сначала с одной стороны уха, потом с другой. Данную процедуру проводите не менее 4-х раз в день.

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