How to perfectly nail your nails

How to perfectly nail your nails
Correctly applied varnish gives a smooth, shiny and uniform coating, which lasts several days without chips and scuffs. You can also make nails at home. It is important to choose a good lacquer, base and coating, prepare the plates and take your time. Haste can ruin even very much beautiful manicure.

Choose a cover

To make the nails look perfect, it is important to choose the right varnish. The easiest way to apply enamel pastel shade, as well as varnishes with a texture of jelly. They are quickly distributed over the nails, leaving no strips. Means with glitter, as well as sand textures, will do. They successfully hide the small errors of the manicure, but require effort at washing off. Much more difficult to apply pearl, matte and dark glossy varnishes. Their careful application requires skill.

To lacquer lay flat, you need to apply an equalizing protective coating under it. It protects the plates from yellowing and strengthens the adhesion of the nail and enamel. Choose a base depending on the condition of the nails. Fragile plates need a remedy with calcium and vitamins, under varnishes with glitter, choose a base film that will facilitate the process of removing enamel. Uneven, ribbed nails can be covered with a base that makes the nail smoother, and it needs to be applied in two layers.

Be sure to purchase a top coat with a gloss effect. It will give the manicure extra gloss and protect the varnish from chipping. Very convenient coating with the effect of drying – it not only enhances the shine, but also speeds up the hardening of the varnish. Two or three layers of enamel will dry completely after 7-10 minutes.

We paint nails according to the rules

Before you begin to color, align the length of the nails and give them the desired shape. Best lacquer is kept on slightly rounded plates. Remove the cuticle. The varnish, got on it, looks very untidy and spoils the appearance of the manicure. Align the plates with a polishing blade.

Apply a protective base to the nails and dry it. Turn the vial over and rub it between your hands. This method will help the product to mix, the enamel will become homogeneous. If the lacquer is thickened, dilute it with a couple of drops of a special liquid. Too thick the varnish will lie unevenly, besides it dries a long time.

Type the necessary amount of lacquer on the brush. Too dry brush will leave streaks and bald spots, and excessive amount of enamel will spread over the nails and stain fingers. Put a brush in the center of the nail, and then gently push it to the base, evenly outlining the cuticle line. Then draw the strip to the free edge. Paint the sides of the nail with two smooth strokes.

Allow the varnish to dry and then apply a second coat of the product. If the varnish is translucent, it is worthwhile to put the third layer. In conclusion, dab the brush in a vial, wipe it off the neck and gently paint the end of the nail. The procedure is especially important when applying dark and bright varnishes. If you use enamel with glitter, skip this step.

On slightly dried nails, apply a thick layer of topcoat with a gloss effect. If you use top-drying, apply it on the dried lacquer. Make sure that the brush does not smear the coating. Allow the manicure to dry. To speed up the process, the fingers can be lowered into cold water for 1-2 minutes. For half an hour, protect your nails from contact with solid objects, so as not to scratch the freshly applied varnish.

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