How to peel a fur

How to peel a fur
Since ancient times, primitive people have been warmed with fur skins. But they were not worried about the issues of cleanliness, the primary task for them was to keep the heat in the cold. The modern person cares not only how much heat it will be in a fur product, but how stylish, clean and neat it will look in the eyes of others. Therefore, every owner of the fur coat, sooner or later, raises the question: how to clear the fur?

Fur products can be put in dry clean. There professionally will clear your fur. Who does not have the opportunity or desire to go to dry cleaning, can clean fur products independently.

It must be periodically cleaned of dust and dirt, for this, the fur is shaken out, brushed and dried in the open air.

From fat and sweat, fur is cleaned with such a mixture: a teaspoon of liquid ammonia + three tea spoons поваренной соли + половину литра воды или смесью денатурированного и нашатырного спирта.

Жирные пятна выводят с меха протирая тряпкой, смоченной смесью бензина (высокой очистки, авиационным) и, одной чайной with a spoon washing powder. Then dry, air and brush.

White fur is wiped with a solution hydrogen peroxide, so that they do not yellow or a more concentrated solution, if the fur is already turned yellow. Also white Mech is cleaned with gasoline (aviation), and after gasoline rubbed with starch, then carefully shaken, dried in air, once again shaken and combed with a brush.

Sprinkle with sawdust (a breed of trees without tar) or pour bran. Shake out, dry and comb.

Для блеска мех натирают vinegar, dried and combed.

Before cleaning the fur in any of the above ways, you need to test it, on a small inconspicuous area of ??the fur product.

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