How to part with weight

How to part with weight
Excess weight is the real scourge of mankind. And it's not even about aesthetics (although, of course, without it, anywhere: glamorous beauties on glossy covers, muscular macho from advertising a sports car – a very good motivation to do yourself). Business, first of all, in health. A person suffering from obesity is a priori a sick person.

Решать question о расставании с лишним weight should start off with a total review of eating habits. Of course, we are talking about about the diet too, but it is necessary to radically reconsider the ration, a diet and so on. What you have eaten so far, has led you to the result that you have at this particular moment. As for the diet, here the set of recommendations is standard: – eat often, in small portions;
– eat less sugar, sweet, smoked, animals fats;
– stop принимать food for 4-5 hours before bedtime;
– give preference to vegetables, low-calorie foods.

Не забывайте про спорт. Заниматься различными упражнениями следует не реже 3-4 раз в week for 1-1,5 hours. Of course, before choosing the physical load you need to consult a doctor.

Another way to lose weight – Services plastic surgeon. Liposuction is one of the most popular operations today. Another way is stomach-bonding to reduce it volume либо помещения в него специального баллона, создающего ощущение наполненности пищей.

Many resort to weight loss with medication. These drugs are divided into two groups: – drugs, подавляющие аппетит (часто содержат эфедрин и другие, весьма неполезные для man substances) – drugs that cause uncontrolled diarrhea, altering the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Even if the result is in the form of a "plumb" and it will be worth thinking about the price that will have to pay for the weight dropped.

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