How to paint your toenails

How to paint your toenails
Some women often ask themselves: "Is it worth painting your toenails?". Of course, this is a matter of taste. But it should be noted that nails covered with varnish look more well-groomed. It is not necessary to use bright colors for this, just do a pedicure and cover the nails with a colorless varnish.

First you need to to make a pedicure. Педикюр – это не роскошь, а необходимость, позволяющая сохранить красоту и молодость ног. Для этого налейте в ванночку теплой воды, добавьте в нее смягчающее средство. Это может быть сода или любое специальное средство для ножных ванночек.

Hold your feet in water for about 5-10 minutes, pat each foot with a terry towel. Then, cleanse heels fine-grained pumice stone or a pedicure brush with a stiff bristle. In this case, coarsened skin should be removed gradually. Do not use a blade or an iron brush for this – these methods are very harmful to the skin.

Rub in every nail a remedy for softening cuticles. Remove the softened peel (to the base of the nail plate) with an orange stick and gently cut it. Dry skin around nails не украсит педикюр.

Cut your nails in a straight line, without cutting corners. File them with a nail file, giving a semi-circular shape. For smooth application of varnish, polish each nail buffing buff. Lubricate the feet with an emollient cream. Now you can apply the lacquer.

Apply the substrate to the varnish and let it dry. It will prolong the life of your pedicure, protect and align the nail plate.

Take the bottle of varnish. Shake it to mix. Take on the brush as much as necessary to cover one nail.

Прокрасьте ноготь от середины до его конца, а потом от конца до его основания. Затем аккуратно растушуйте лак справа и слева. Дайте средству высохнуть.

Apply a second coat of nail on the nail in the same way. Allow it to dry.

Apply a fixer on top of the varnish. It will give a coating of shine, stamina and beauty. If you suddenly hurt the skin around the nail varnish, then do not despair. Take the corrective pencil (pre-moisten it in the liquid to remove the varnish) and remove the blobs along the contour.

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