How to paint your eyes

How to paint your eyes
The most expressive part of the face are eyes, but illiterate makeup can spoil the whole thing. When applying make-up on eyes Carefulness and correct sequence of actions are extremely important.

You will need
  • – Means for washing;
  • – moisturizing cream;
  • – tonal basis;
  • – powder;
  • – Eyeliner;
  • – Shadows;
  • – Ink;
  • – brushes, applicators;
  • – cotton buds.
Prepare your face for make-up. Wash with a mild cleanser, and then rinse the skin with cool water. Try not to rub eyes during washing – redness will not decorate you. Morning swelling of the eyelids is easy to remove if you rub it with a cube of cosmetic or edible ice.

После умывания промокните лицо полотенцем. Если вы носите контактные линзы, то наденьте их. Затем дайте влажной коже полностью высохнуть и лишь после этого начинайте заниматься макияжем.

Be sure to use eye creams. The skin around the eyes is very dry and very tender. It must be protected and moistened. Take a little moisturizer and apply on the upper and lower eyelids with light massaging movements.

If necessary, put a foundation on top of the cream. You can also lightly powder the eyelids, then the shadows will lie perfectly.

Now apply eye shadow. Use to apply the applicator or brush, and shade the borders between the shades with a cotton swab or a finger. Apply shades in small portions, starting with the lightest, lightest shades and ending with the most intense of them. Borders carefully rub.

Далее сделайте контур. Следите, чтобы он проходил четко по линии роста ресниц. Не стоит очерчивать eyes entirely – this will make the makeup heavier and make it vulgar.

Last apply mascara. Gently stain the eyelashes, not forgetting those that grow in the corners of the eyes. Usually only the upper lashes are stained. The lower mascara is applied only if it is an evening make-up. If there are flaws, remove them with a cotton swab.

Estimate the result. If there are blots, or one color is more intense than the other, correct the errors. Scrunch and tint your eyebrows, if necessary. Eye makeup is ready.

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