How to paint close-set eyes

How to paint close-set eyes
Women are aware of the power of well-applied makeup. Those whom God did not deprive of appearance, can skillfully emphasize their beauty. And those who, alas, are not so complicated in a harmonious way, have the opportunity to correct their face with it. Especially important is the ability to properly paint eyes, because this is the part of the face to which people around you pay attention almost immediately.

Close-fitting eyes you can visually "spread out", correctly applying shadows, eyeliner and mascara. Start makeup with the usual, but mandatory procedures. Cleanse the skin around the eyes, apply moisturizing cream to the eyelids, soaking it over with a napkin or cotton pad. Then on the upper eyelid, apply powder or a special foundation. If you find "bags" under eyesat this stage, mask them with a cream. Not bad, if it will be with reflective particles. Once it is absorbed, the skin underneath eyesthen powder.

Be sure to work on the shape of the eyebrows. To eyes did not seem closely planted, you should not leave any vegetation above the bridge of the nose. Eyebrows can be made a little thinner and lengthen their tips.

Next, you must select the outside eyes. Make eyeliner on the line of growth of the upper lashes. At the inner corners of the eyes, do not use eyeliner. Start tinting from the middle eyes and lead to its outer corners. In the end, you can extend the line a little, leading to the temples, but by no means down.

It is better to apply the lining with light strokes. The line should pass at the very border of the century and be very accurate. If the hand shakes somewhere, you can erase it and make a new drawing. Similarly, from the middle eyes draw a line along the border of the lower lashes.

On the inner corners of the eyes, apply light shades (light cream or beige), including under the eyebrow. You can use a white pencil, especially if you have a clean, white, blood-thin shell of the eyes. Put small dots in the corners of the eyes, and then shade.

On all eyelid to the eyebrows, apply a foundation shade (depending on your color and the color of the iris of the eyes).

Shadows in a darker tone apply over the upper eyelashes from the middle to the edge eyes and shade them with a brush in the direction up and to the sides, to the temples. Also act on the line of the lower lashes.

Begin to apply mascara. At the inner corners of the eyes, it should be barely noticeable, and in the outer corners – on the contrary. Apply it slowly, with light twisting movements of two or even three layers. To achieve a greater effect of lengthening eyelashes at the outer corners of the eyes, between applying the next layer of carcasses a little powder eyelashes.

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