How to paint brown-green eyes

How to paint brown-green eyes
If a girl with quads-green eyes make the right make-up, it will look spectacular and a bit mysterious. However, to this color of the eyes it is necessary to select the shades of cosmetics correctly so as not to spoil their charms.

For quads-green eyes, choose the shade of the color that suits your color. But remember that the shadows should be much darker than your eyes. Also suitable are golden and purple.

For all brown eyes, irrespective of their shade, mother-of-pearl shades will do, but they must be very light. An excellent choice will be the shades, smoothly changing into each other. For example, white, creamy, salad, pale lilac. If you use brown shadows, then they should be light.

It is believed that the gray color of the shadows is universal – they are suitable for any color of the eyes, emphasizing it. But for kare-green eyes they will not be the most successful choice. Pink shades do not suit you categorically.

For podvodki can be used as a brown, and black pencil or eyeliner. Mascara choose according to its color – black or brown.

A very good option for a mixed eye color, combining a green and brown color, will be makeup using the cosmetics of these tones. If the iris of your eyes has a primary color – green, and blotches or veins – brown, apply a green eyelid to the entire mobile eyelid and below the line of growth of eyelashes in the lower eyelid. Their tone should match the color of the iris of your eyes closer to the squirrel.

Затем подводкой, карандашом или тенями коричневого цвета (который является дополнительным в вашей радужной оболочке) нарисуйте насыщенную стрелку по росту верхних и нижних ресниц.

For greater effect, draw the upper and lower eyelid from the inside with black pencil or piping. The line should be thin. Eyelashes make up black ink. Thus, you will get a smooth color transition, simulating the colors of your eyes. This technique will emphasize the beauty of your eyes.

Есть еще один секрет макияжа, при котором цвет глаз не только будет подчеркнут, но и усилится. Для этого нужно совместно с серыми тенями и черной тушью для ресниц использовать карандаш того же цвета, что и ваши глаза, подведя им внутреннее веко. Такой прием используется и в случае, если вы хотите немного изменить оттенок своих глаз.

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