How to pack long-term stowage

How to pack long-term stowage
With long-term styling, you can create different hairstyles without resorting to the services of a stylist. It does not require special skills. Although some rules still need to know.

Long-term packing make to increase the volume. When it is done, the hair is wound on medium and small curlers and fixed with a special compound. Therefore, immediately remember the only drawback of long-term styling: if you dry your hair naturally, then the head will not at all aesthetic shock. To correct this deficiency is very easy. Slightly wet your hair, apply a small amount of mousse and put them with a hairdryer.

If you have a hairstyle in the form of a square, then the hair is dried, creating a volume at the roots. Pay special attention to the bangs. Take a round comb with thick teeth, and, turning it inward, wind individual strands of bangs, substituting under the hair dryer. Keep in mind that the comb is grasped all the hairs, and not turned out sticking out separately strands.

With long-term styling, curls are very good. Divide the strands and, having grasped the tip of one of them, wind on the electric curl. Try not to overexpose, so as not to burn your hair. You can also use thermal rollers or the most common foam rubber. All the curls are well laid, fasten a little with varnish.

For medium length hair it's good to do hairstyles with fleece. For this, divide the dry hair into separate strands. Comb with small thin denticles, perform short sharp movements, moving from the roots to the tips. Do not try to jerk violently, so as not to damage your hair. Gradually move from one strand to another. After you finish combing, gently smooth your hair with your hands, then carefully create a shape with a comb. Take care that the individual hairs do not get out of the styling. Gently pricolute invisible on the temples. This will help create a more romantic image. At the end, sprinkle with varnish. For a solemn occasion, you can pin a beautiful artificial flower in this haircut or attach an original hair clip.

Помните, при долговременной укладке ваши волосы не повреждаются так, как при химической, и выглядят значительно здоровее.

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