How to pack a karaoke with a hairdryer

How to pack a karaoke with a hairdryer
A haircut check was and remains popular among the fair sex. It is easy to care for, it is suitable for almost all types of hair. You can make the styling with such a haircut on your own.

You will need
  • – hairdryer;
  • – comb;
  • – modeling tools.
Styling should be done on washed hair – so it will look better and stay longer. First, dry the wet strands with a towel, then comb them and divide into several parts.

С помощью круглой расчески начинайте вытягивать пряди волос от корней. Кончики при этом можно закрутить или внутрь, или наружу — так вы сможете подчеркнуть достоинства своего лица.

After the hair is dried, place each strand using a gel or wax. Fix the styling with a hair spray.

If you have thin hair, then with the correct placement you can give them the necessary volume. Apply a modeling foam to the wet strands. Strangle curls на правую сторону. С помощью расчески отделяйте по одной пряди и вытягивайте с помощью фена, укладывая при этом волосы на левую сторону. После того как локоны просохнут, наклоните голову вниз и просушите hairdryer roots. Raise the head and give the strands a shape with the help of wax.

Try putting the hair back. Apply on slightly damp locks of mousse for styling. With the help of a comb, pull the strands backwards, directing the warm air to them. Fix the hairstyle with lacquer.

Classic quads can be put in a spectacular hairstyle. First, treat the strands with a modeling tool. Make an oblique parting. Twist the tips of the hair inside using a round brush.

To create a beautiful "mess" on your head, just apply foam on your hair, lower your head down and carefully dry it with a hairdryer. Raise your head and shake your hair. If some strands are "not in the right place," correct them with a wax or gel. Fix the hairstyle with lacquer.

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