How to pack a biopot

How to pack a biopot
Biovanivka – a gentle way to perm, which allows you to make hair for a long time wavy and give them extra volume. The effect of wavy and curly hair will persist until, it's time you do not wash the head. And after – the hair will need to be laid again.

You will need
  • – шампунь с пометкой «Для волос после химической завивки»;
  • – special balm;
  • – stowing agent;
  • – hair dryer with diffuser;
  • – curlers
Correctly choose in the specialized store of means for care of hair. It is better if it is a series of special care products marked "For hair after a perm". When choosing hair products in the store, pay special attention to the composition. It is desirable that they include: proteins of wheat, silk, palm oil.

Wash your head using the selected shampoo.

Apply balm throughout the length of the hair.

After applying the balm to freshly washed hair comb their comb with wide teeth, so you will save luxurious curls longer.

Gently wash off the balm.

Put the hair with a special styling agent. Currently, there are many options for quick and easy laying after the procedure of the biocoal. Apply hair modeling gel для локонов и высушите их с помощью фена с диффузором, так локоны будут выглядеть более объемно и естественно.

Another option – instead of modeling gel when laying strands of hair with your fingers, use foam or spray to create curls. Let the locks dry naturally.

Третий вариант – используйте бигуди. Если вы хотите получить более крупные и мягкие локоны, то и диаметр бигуди должен быть больше. С помощью бигудей можно сделать крутые кудри.

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