How to overcome the feeling of hunger during a diet

How to overcome the feeling of hunger during a diet
Every woman wants to look slim and attractive, and many in pursuit of a beautiful figure exhaust themselves with diets. And the most difficult when dieting – to overcome the feeling of hunger. But there are tricks with which you can mute hunger.

Put the food in a small plate. So you "accustom" your stomach to a smaller portion and will not overeat. Thoroughly and slowly chew food. Choose foods that need to be chewed for a long time, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean beef meat, whole grain bread.

Do not freeze. When a person is cold, he spends on it's a lot энергии, возникает чувство голода, поэтому после прогулки на свежем прохладном воздухе следует сначала согреться, а затем уже садиться за стол. Ешьте при свете. В помещениях с ярким светом насыщение наступает быстрее, чем в полутемной комнате перед телевизором.

Season the food. Add to food, ginger, coffee, orange, pepper, garlic, paprika. Their smell sends signals to the brain about satiety and brings a sense of pleasure and joy.

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