How to open a cosmetology room

How to open a cosmetology room
When deciding to start a business, you need to understand what is best to organize. Whether the shop for tailoring, or a small atelier, or a gym, or a hairdresser. A good choice is cosmetic cabinet, because there you can organize a solarium, and a manicure and pedicure workshop, to provide a variety of hardware services, having purchased the necessary equipment.

You will need
  • Initial capital, premises, qualified personnel, advertising
First of all you need to select room, it should be in sight, in a through passage. It is necessary to examine the surroundings in advance, are not too many cosmetic cabinetin one area, to entice customers the competition is not so easy. It is necessary to find out prices for services in nearby cosmetic cabinetah, in order to know what to start off from, drawing up a price list.
To renovate the premises with an easy repair, it is necessary that customers, going into cabinet, did not get scared and did not run away.

Looking for staff to do per month до открытия, так как по законодательству работающим людям придется некоторое время на прежнем месте дорабатывать. Персонал должен быть квалифицированным, брать на работу man better with recommendations from the previous place of work. Often a good cosmetologist there is a client base, people will go to the reception with any points cities. Keep in mind that the staff should periodically take courses of in-service training either at the expense of the institution or at their own expense. Nevertheless, to encourage employees with periodic awards is very useful, because they can always entice competitors.

Decide on the services provided, is there enough space in cabinete for installation solarium. Возможно, не будет лишним предоставление парикмахерских услуг. Нужен будет и специалист по уходу за skin and the body. A variety of massage is also popular.
The equipment is better to purchase a multifunctional one so that the needs of any customer can be met. Small advertisement within the district will be simply necessary, especially the first time, allocate for these needs the necessary funds.
Cosmetic drugs it is necessary to purchase with a reserve, so that it does not appear at the most inopportune moment, that something is missing. Be sure to discuss these nuances with the staff.
How to open a cosmetic <strong> cabinet </ strong>

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