How to narrow the pores

How to narrow the pores
You all know perfectly well that the size of the pores depends on heredity, skin turgor, lifestyle, hygiene. But, if our pores can expand over time, it means that they can be narrowed too. Here are some useful tips that will help to make the pores smaller, as well as improve skin elasticity and complexion.

You will need
  • Маски на основе глины
  • Soft scrubs
  • Drinking soda
  • Steam bath
  • Cubes of ice from herbal decoctions
  • Tomato juice
  • Pineapple
  • header cover
  • Jojoba oil
Cleanse your face regularly. Skin fat is necessary for our skin to protect, but its excess clogs the pores, promotes the development of bacteria, inflammation and, as a consequence, the expansion of the pores. For deep cleansing the face is beautiful fit masks based on clay. They draw out excess fat, clean the pores, make skin elastic and elastic.

Освобождайте кожу от мертвых клеток, которые тоже «забивают» поры. Мягкие скрабы прекрасно справляются с этой проблемой, не травмируя кожу. Подойдет даже обычная питьевая сода. Возьмите немного соды на кончики пальцев и протрите лицо – результат вам понравится.

Use strips to clean the pores and mask-film. These funds connect dirt, fat, dead cells and carry them away.

Drink more water. Water helps organism fight with toxins.

Once a week, make a steam bath for the face. Purify and moisturize the skin with masks and finish the procedure by wiping the entire face with an ice cube. Very well, if the ice is not made from plain water, but from frozen herbal decoction.

You can wipe your face every day with a cotton swab dipped in tomato juice. Leave this mask for twenty minutes, then rinse. In a month you will see how much your complexion changes for the better, and the pores are narrowed.

For a quick result try this mask – mix in a bowl of egg white and a couple drops of lemon juice. Apply to the skin. Wait until the mixture dries, and rinse with warm water. Changes will be noticeable immediately.

Here's another home recipe – нежный скраб с фруктовыми кислотами, который вы можете use daily. Turn a half of medium pineapple in puree. Add to it an equal amount of corn flour. Stir and store in the refrigerator. Before use, add a teaspoon to the scrub. Oil jojoba. Once a day, make a circular massage face this mixture and leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse off with cool water. Use the mixture until it is over. Then take a break for a couple of weeks.

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