How to narrow the pores on your face at home

How to narrow the pores on your face at home
The problem of open pores is familiar to many women, especially those with oily skin. Cosmetologists say: this type of skin is beautiful in that it does not age so quickly and is less susceptible to external influences. But all these advantages are nothing compared to the endless struggle with pimples, acne and other inflammations. How to narrow the pores on your face, to finally rid yourself of these troubles?

Of course, the simplest way to solve a problem is not to admit it. What is the main reason for the appearance of dilated pores? Excessive use of foundation creams, powder, blush. The risk increases several times, if you regularly forget to wash off this makeup or use overdue or poor-quality products.

The simplest way is to narrow the pores by contacting the beauty salon. They will be assigned special expensive procedures (laser cleaning, chemical peeling).

But it is possible and at home to do themselves, special costs or skills for this will not be required. What to do with an enlarged face pore?

So, in order to narrow the pores, daily complex care will be required. To begin with, you should always wash yourself in the morning and evening with a special tonic for extended pores, all cosmetic lines offer such a product. Drink at least 2 liters of water every day, this is one of the most useful habits for the whole organism.

Frozen ice cubes from chamomile broth and wipe them face 2 times a week. All sorts of peels and scrubs are good for cleansing the face, it is convenient to use them before applying a mask that is easy to prepare at home.

Narrowing pores

1. Orange. Pound the orange pulp with a fork and apply the mass to your face, after 15 minutes, rinse it.

2. From egg white. Such a mask not only helps to solve the problem, how to narrow the pores on the face, but will also bleach the skin and eliminate fine wrinkles. It will only be necessary to whip the egg white and combine it with 1 with a spoonful of lemon juice. The resulting mixture must be covered several times, each layer is applied after the previous one has dried. After 10 minutes, wash with warm water.

3. Indian. Take one teaspoon of potato starch, honey, warm milk and salt, mix them in a ceramic cup. Apply the mask also in several layers. Soak for half an hour and rinse first with warm water and then with cold water.

4. From black bread, the simplest, but very effective mask. You just need to pour the bread with water, and when it swells, apply it to the skin of the face, and after 15 minutes, rinse.

Agree, nothing complicated, having spent a little time on yourself, you can once and for all say goodbye to the problem of extended pores.

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