How to Moisturize Your Hair

How to Moisturize Your Hair
Every girl from childhood dreams of beautiful and magnificent hair. And if 10 years ago it was fashionable to go with a short haircut, now everyone is enviously turning after a longhair beauties. The secret of hair beauty is in their daily nourishment and moisturizing, replenishing the stores of vitamins and keeping the hair from losing moisture. And you can do this with the help of various decoctions, masks and balms.

Самое простое и удобное средство – это приобретать вместе с shampoo кондиционер той же brand. It contains special substances that, enveloping volos, do not allow the water to evaporate. Unfortunately, modern conditioner balms do not always give the desired result, and hair remain weak and lifeless.

Use of oils.
Burdock or castor oil are sold in all pharmacies, are inexpensive, and the effect is long-lasting. There is also coconut – in small amounts also gives a positive effect. True, there is a small minus – they all leave a greasy shine on the hair. А вот масло жожоба помогает волосам стать красивее, не утяжеляя их. Запомните: когда наносите масла, уделяйте внимание не только корням волос, но и кончикам. Затем можно обернуть голову полиэтиленовым пакетом, смывать шампунем через 30-40 минут.

Decoctions, infusions, balms.
For example, a decoction of chamomile and nettle returns to the hair a healthy appearance and splendor. And you can add to your shampoo мед (пропорции 1:1) – нанести на 30 минут на волосы и смыть. Летом можно ополаскивать волосы отваром из лопуха: растение отваривается, затем настаивается 30 минут. Березовый сок или настой березового листа также очень действенный способ увлажнить волосы и сделать их beautiful.

Moisturizing Masks for hair.
В olden days was a popular bread mask – the bread is softened in water (or in beer), the gruel is applied to the hair, the head must be covered with a towel and washed off in an hour. Can be used yolk eggs, only after you wash it, be sure to gently rinse your hair with water with a little lemon juice. Lemon juice, by the way, can be mixed with cream (according to 2 teaspoons), heated in a water bath and applied to dry hair. After 20-30 minutes, rinse with shampoo. An effective mask is when mixing the same amount of onion juice and aloe – the truth, if you need to rush to a meeting, it's better to postpone such procedure for the weekend. You can mix 1 spoon of honey 1 with a spoon of vegetable oil and yolk, – this mask will not only moisturize the hair, but also make them shiny and beautiful.

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