How to moisturize the skin in summer

How to moisturize the skin in summer
Virtually any environmental impact creates additional adverse terms for facial skin and the body of a woman. The sun causes dryness of the skin, the wind makes it more rough, the changes in the temperature regime prevent the normal flow of processes inside the body. Various cosmetic products restore the necessary properties of the skin, creating the most comfortable conditions for it. However, not all products are equally effective and useful for our skin.

Do not forget about skin care neck, which often gives the age of a woman. Therefore, any manipulation and cosmetic procedures for facial skin care should extend to the neck and decolletage area, because there the skin is tender enough and undergoes rapid aging.

The skin of the hands needs active care due to constant interaction with the external environment (water, air, sun, wind), as well as with chemicals that are present in household cleaners in the apartment. For example, dish washing agents help the skin become dry after interaction, so it is necessary to apply moisturizing creams after such procedures or to use emollients that reduce the negative effects of the skin of the hands.
In addition to the use of modern means for moisturizing and nourishing the skin, it is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of clean water daily (up to two liters per day), to carry out hygienic procedures for skin cleansing. It is also necessary, with the help of an experienced specialist, to select a set of cosmetics and preparations that help restore nutrition, eliminate the feeling of constant dryness and unpleasant tightness of the skin.

Декоративная косметика должна подбираться обязательно с учетом особенностей и типа кожи женщины, то есть один и тот же крем не подходит для женщин с сухой и жирной кожей. В летнее время очень важно использовать защитные средства от солнца, которые препятствуют проникновению ультрафиолетовых лучей, а также систематически увлажнять кожу специальными средствами.

In winter it is very important to protect facial skin from low temperatures, which can cause dryness and flaking of the skin. Any moisturizing and protective cream should be used for 30-40 minutes before going out, as otherwise the skin moisturized skin under the influence of low temperatures gets hurt. It should be remembered that in moistening not only the face and body need, but also the lips, which are also exposed to the environment. The skin of the lips is so tender and vulnerable that any mechanical damage causes bleeding and a breach of integrity.

Many women constantly experience dry lips, although periodically use moisturizing hygienic lipsticks that nourish the skin of the lips and eliminate roughness. Modern decorative lipsticks are also made on the basis of moisturizing substances, which simultaneously nourish the skin and give a certain shade.

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