How to moisturize dry skin by yourself

How to moisturize dry skin by yourself
Most people sooner or later begin to experience skin problems. Dry skin, as a rule, is due to genetic predisposition, as well as external influences of the environment. There are many ways to moisturize dry skin and prevent its further drying.

1. Often and consecutive humidification

The need to moisturize the skin-recommendation is not new and is not the discovery of America. However, applying a centimeter layer of moisturizer once a week will not lead to the desired result.

Keep the face cream next to your bed to make an evening moisturizing routine routine before going to bed.

If you have dry skin, hold a small tube of cream in your purse or next to the sink. Use it every time you wash your hands.

2. Moisturizing the skin when it is wet

For a good moisturizing, the pores of the skin should be opened, which is facilitated by warm water. After taking a bath, you need to wipe the body dry and then apply the cream

3. Changing the diet

More carefully choose products, depending on the condition of your skin and the time of year. In the cold months, you need to apply more cream, and in your daily diet include fruits rich in vitamins

4. Carefully choose a detergent

Some detergents, easily degrease not only the cups in the kitchen, but also easily dry the skin. The use of rubber gloves will not allow chemistry to damage the skin of the hands, and will further soften and moisten the pores that are greedy for natural moisture.

5. Soft exfoliation

Peeling can be a real salvation in the struggle for soft and smooth skin. The procedure exfoliates the dead skin cells, thereby smoothing it.

Sand scrubs and abrasive sponges can often only do harm. It is necessary to use a soft loofah and gentle peeling means.

At the conclusion of the whole procedure, moisturizing the skin with milk for the body, it will be very useful.

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