How to moisturize dry hair

How to moisturize dry hair
Dry hair – a problem that some are caused by a hereditary predisposition, while others have a regular use of hair dryers or frequent staining. Regardless of the reasons you need to take care of – moisturizing your hair.

You will need
  • – глицерин,
  • – baking soda,
  • – decoction of herbs: nettle, chamomile, oak bark,
  • – oil of rosemary, sage, avocado.
Мойте голову только теплой мягкой водой. Жесткую воду смягчайте, добавляя в нее 1 ч. ложку глицерина или food soda per liter of water. After washing do not rub hair towel, but just blot them and let them dry out on their own.

To wash your head, use only mild shampoos designed to care for dry hair, in which there are no aggressive detergents, but there are components that can provide moisture, food and hair restoration.

After washing your head, apply balm-air conditioning throughout the length volos (starting from tips), without rubbing it into the skin. After a few minutes, rinse hair water or herbal decoction.

To moisten dry hair, после каждого их мытья ополаскивайте их в отваре трав. Для этого, к примеру, можно воспользоваться nettles, chamomile, bark of oak. In such a decoction, if desired, you can add a little vinegar or citric acid. Positive impact on dry hair and a rinse in infusion of green tea.

At least once a week, make nourishing masks for hair, which not only improve the structure of the hair, but also give them softness and shine. Give preference to those masks that contain avocado, jojoba oil or wheat germ, as well as lecithin, lanolin and silk proteins or soy.

Moisten hair it is possible and with the help of cosmetic oils. Take the oil of rosemary, sage, avocado (you can use olive or coconut oil), rub in hair, comb them, and after 30 minutes, wash the head with shampoo. Do this procedure is once a week.

To moisten dry hair, you need to think about your diet: eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, and at least twice a week, fish. In addition, drink enough water.

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