How to model nails with gel

How to model nails with gel
The image of a woman consists of a large number of nuances, beginning with small details of clothes and ending with manicure. There are a variety of materials with which to perform the procedure of building and modeling nails. The simplest and safest way is a gel coating.

The gel is a material that solidifies under the rays of an ultraviolet lamp. At the same time on the nail plate a smooth, even, shiny coating is formed. This kind of modeling of nails can be called one of the best, due to the fact that it does not interfere with the access of moisture and oxygen, allowing the nail plate to breathe, without the risk of developing fungal diseases. This material does not have a variety of acids in its composition, so gel build-up will not provoke an allergy.

The process of modeling nails with a gel takes quite a long time, because the applied material applied to the nail plate does not solidify immediately. This is what makes it possible to create a perfectly flat and smooth surface. You can choose any thickness of the nail and give it a look that differs little from the natural, thanks to natural shine and transparency.

It is possible to strengthen marigolds with bio-gel, which will be especially liked by experiment lovers. such nails can be covered with any varnish. However, it is necessary to remove such a decorative coating with a special liquid that does not contain acetone.

Modeling Nail Gel passes in two stages. The first is the preparation of the nail plate to apply the gel coating. For this, the nail is shaped and grinded. An exfoliating agent is applied to the cuticle area, and the nail plate is treated with a special antiseptic.

Then proceed to the second stage. On the nails a thin layer is applied a base layer, which is then dried for several minutes under the lamp. To build up the gel, various forms are used, consisting of foil and paper stencils, which are tucked under the edge of the nipple, as well as tips, plastic blanks attached to its free edge. Tipsy is used in the event that natural nails are cut too short or too thin and brittle.

Usual similar procedure does not exceed three hours. Correction is carried out through 3 or 4 weeks, depending on the individual characteristics of the person and the growth rate of the nail plate. In addition, care should not be taken for marigolds. The gel is a material susceptible to sudden temperature changes, so in the cold season hands must be protected with warm gloves. In addition, it is necessary to exclude various mechanical effects on the nails. Modeled with the help of gel nails can not be trimmed, saw with a metal file, and they should be protected from blows.

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