How to massage

How to massage
Now there is a huge number of courses on massage. And in the bookstores, the shelves are filled with benefits and instructions. So, we can learn to do the massage on our own. Where to start and how to do it right?

We immediately determine that it is by no means possible to engage in a therapeutic massage without adequate medical education. And all other types of massage – anti-cellulite, расслабляющий, toning, etc. are readily available for домашнего использования. Научиться этим техникам совсем не сложно, и вы всегда сможете найти рекомендации в интернете или специальной литературе. От вас потребуются только желание и достаточно крепкие мышцы рук.

For a relaxing massage, you will need to create an appropriate setting. The light in the room should be muffled, the table for massage or a sofa covered with soft, pleasant to the touch material. You can light scented candles and include quiet music. Warm your hands under warm water and begin massage from the shoulder girdle. Ask the person to think about the good, to imagine yourself on the ocean shore. Waves beat against the shore, the sand rustles, a gentle breeze blows. Gradually go to massage left and right hands. Movements should be soft, but at the same time confident. Massage the back, first one side, then the other. Walk in a circular motion from поясницы up to the neck. The techniques of massage can be completely different. The most important thing is to create an atmosphere of relaxation and bliss.
How to massage

Anticellulite massage will require some skill. A good help here can provide vacuum silicone jars. Learn them use quite simply, but you can buy at any pharmacy. The jars are sucked to the skin, and the force of attraction can be adjusted. If the jars are tight in the hand strongly – the massage will be more intense. Blood flows to the skin, along the way destroying fat cells and, accordingly, cellulite. Usually, such a massage is performed on buttocks, but it is very effective for the waist.
How to massage

Массаж тонизирующий лучше проводить в первой половине дня. Включите энергичную музыку, проветрите помещение. Пусть в комнате smells freshly brewed coffee. It is proved that this smell helps a person to cheer up, to wake up. Use to massage the oil with odor lemon, mint, bergamot, cloves. They can cause a surge of energy and create a dynamic mood for the whole day.

A massage technician is a great variety. Which of them to master is up to you. Just remember that it is important here not only to be able to massage the body, but also the art of creating a proper atmosphere. Stock up with the necessary accessories, candles, with oils. And then your massage will bring not only physical pleasure, but also moral and aesthetic satisfaction.

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