How to massage the sides and stomach for weight loss

How to massage the sides and stomach for weight loss
Massage of the stomach and sides for weight loss is easy to conduct at home. To obtain the maximum sustainable effect during the course of the massage, it is desirable to follow a certain diet, sleep well, exercise.

The results of the massage are impressive – with each session it is possible to slightly reduce the stomach, the result is preserved for a long time, no harm is done to the body. Continue the procedure can be as long as the stomach in appearance does not correspond to the proportions of the body.

How to conduct a home massage

The procedure for which a professional is invited, the result will bring more noticeable. But if you can not use the services of a massage therapist, you can independently learn some techniques and do self-massage at home at a convenient time.

How does massage work on the body:

· When the skin is physically affected, skin and fat temperature increase.

· Circulation is normalized.

· At the cellular level, the metabolism changes, the fat begins to split, which leads to its gradual elimination from the body.

To get a quick weight loss, an independent massage should be carried out with the following conditions:

· The session should be performed on an empty stomach or a couple of hours after eating.

• Movements are made from the bottom to the top.

Begin the massage with movements that are light, stroking. Finish the same way.

· Do not strain the press during a massage – this provides unnecessary pressure on the internal organs.

· It is allowed to use special gels, scrubs, other products.

After the procedure is over, it is not recommended to eat for an hour. Drinking is not forbidden.

The most common type of massage

To effect on the skin of the stomach and sides, the following actions are performed:

· Rubbing – is performed with the edge of the palm or fingertips. The movement is performed in order to move the subcutaneous layer, to "stroke" each muscle.

Kneading is a movement like the dough kneading. The skin is seized – this can be done with a whole handful or with two fingers, with "plucked" movements.

· Light beatings – you can do them with your hands, fingers and even your fist. Movement does not follow the whole hand, but only with a brush.

Each exposure is performed smoothly and with care, so as not to cause severe pain. Often a massage of the stomach and sides for weight loss is carried out at a time. The difference can be in the force of impacts and their duration.

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