How to mask the scars on the face

How to mask the scars on the face
Scars, as you know, adorn only a man. But women need to still try to hide them. The reasons for the appearance of ugly scars are many. This can be as a sign of cuts or scratches, and the consequences of acne. The latter are most often encountered.

You will need
  • – a soft wax for make-up;
  • – leveling base for make-up;
  • – liquid foundation;
  • – loose powder;
  • – corrector.
Depending on the size of the scar, a correction agent should be chosen. If the scar is quite noticeable, then it will not be possible to cope with it only with the help of decorative cosmetics. In this case, you will need a special soft wax, which is used by make-up artists. Apply it to the scar so that the boundary of the application is not noticeable. But it is not suitable for a long "socks", as when the temperature rises it will simply flow. Categorically, this product is not suitable for Facial with active facial expressions.

Small scars or traces of acne can be hidden with a special leveling base. Most often it is made on the basis of silicone. Apply it on your face over the moisturizer and distribute well. Silicone base is required very little (quantities the size of a pea will be enough for the whole face). Before applying makeup, wait a few minutes for the base to lie on your face.

Disguise the scars with liquid toners with a dense coating. To do this, take a small amount of the drug and apply a finger or a sponge to the problem site, driving into the skin. Be sure to spread the application boundary carefully. Secure the tonal with friable powder. For a more dense coating, you may need to apply several layers of foundation. It can be replaced with cream powder. But it may not give the necessary dense coverage.

If the tonal means can not cope, use special products designed specifically to hide the drawbacks – correctors. Choose funds with a dense dry texture. Usually they are issued in the form of a solid lipstick or stick, which makes them application especially convenient. Apply the corrector smears on the scar and carefully blend the application boundary. Top with a loose powder.

При «цветных» шрамах используйте принципы цветокоррекции. Красный цвет нейтрализуется зеленым, фиолетовый – желтым, а синеватый – оранжевым. Но в чистом виде такой корректор редко ложится удачно даже у опытных мастеров. И чтобы не ходить с цветными пятнами on the face, the masking of the corrector itself is required. Therefore, a tonal base is carefully applied over it. In addition, choosing the right color corrector is quite difficult. After all, the package contains a "clean" color, which on the skin will look quite different.

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