How to mask a pimple

How to mask a pimple
Appearance pimple can spoil the mood for a few days. What to do if you do not want to appear in this form in society? You can make the pimple less noticeable with the help of cosmetics and simple actions.

You will need
  • Tone cream, concealer, powder.
The first thing you need to level the tone of the face with a foundation. Evenly apply the foundation with accurate massaging movements all over the face, thoroughly shading.

The next step is to select a masking agent. There are several of them: a pencil, an emulsion, a concealer. One of them must be applied to the center pimple with a brush, and then shade with a soft sponge or cotton pad. This can also be done with fingertips with neat massaging movements. If the pimple has a reddish hue, it is better to choose a masking remedy of a greenish color.

The last step is the application of powder. It will give the skin a smooth shade and strengthen the effect of "masking" acne. Shades of powder and tonal funds should match as closely as possible. The skin will acquire a natural color and a matt surface.

Choose cosmetics of high quality, so as not to provoke irritation or complication with further healing acne. Natural cosmetics will not cause you an allergic reaction and additionally enrich the skin with vitamins and minerals.

Often to mask acne these funds can not, because the skin should from time to time rest and breathe. Therefore, use this method in especially important cases when you need to look your best.

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