How to make yourself a make-up with photos

How to make yourself a make-up with photos
Makeup can make a girl irresistible or vice versa – hopelessly spoil her appearance. Make-up is a special art, and in order to master it, you need to learn a lot. As training tools can be useful pictures from fashion magazines, because with the faces of models worked professional makeup artists.

First, select a photo that will become a sample for you. When choosing, consider your color and structure of your face.
If you have a round face, do not try to portray makeup model with an oval face. If you have голубые eyes, give up the idea to make up the makeup for the brown eyes, even if he is very beautiful.

The next step is the preparation of tools. Imagine that your face is a canvas, and you are an artist who will paint a picture.
Substandard brushes for make-up Do not let you copy the makeup seen in the photo as needed. Remember: make-up artists use only high-quality products.

Decide with flowers. It's not necessary to repeat everything color in accuracy, but decide at least with a shade or gamma – warm or cold.
Возможно, вас заинтересовал только один элемент на фотографии, например, макияж глаз. Уделите ему пристальное внимание.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Perhaps, during the application of make-up, you will have an excellent idea, how to do it makeup with still photos better. Maybe your result will be much more beautiful.

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