How to make your fingers slender

How to make your fingers slender
Looking at the woman's hands, we can say a lot about her. But not everyone is satisfied with well-groomed skin, beautiful manicure and nails, someone dreams of having the fingers and slender and graceful.

Bring your fingers in an ideal, in your opinion, condition will help the following tips:

  1. It is necessary to reduce the total body weight. As you know, it is impossible to lose weight only in the waist, legs or thighs, weight loss occurs evenly throughout the body. Therefore, be patient and very soon, together with a tight figure, you will achieve harmonous fingers on your hands.
  2. Drink more water. When there is enough fluid in the body, it does not try to hold up the fluid, metabolic processes are accelerating, the organs restore their correct work, and the appearance also comes back to normal. Usually, doctors and nutritionists advise drinking about 8 glasses of water a day.
  3. Check with a specialist doctor for the kidney and heart. Because of problems with these organs, there may be swelling.
  4. Do a special massage of your fingers. It is carried out as follows: starting from the pads of the fingers and up to the bottom, with as if screwing movements, mass each finger with a thumb and forefinger, each 3 times. Also do not forget about the brush – the inside and the back. It is necessary to make a massage, which will use every bone and every joint. Massage can also be done by a specialist in nail service.
  5. Keep hand balls on your desktop (they can be found in traditional Chinese goods stores) or an expander. And periodically do exercises in addition to other ways of losing weight in the fingers.
  6. Visualize how you look at your hand and see the beautiful, graceful, thin fingers and feel pride in yourself, that you were able to achieve such a wonderful result in such a short period of time.

To get a good result, you need to regularly conduct the above tips. In the meantime, the ideal shape of the fingers has not yet become a reality, you can visually achieve the desired as follows. Long nails of a non-square shape visually stretch your fingers, and a bright varnish will make a correct accent on the tips and fingers will acquire grace and harmony.

Such simple tips will help to achieve an ideal shape for your fingers and very soon you will be able to admire them. But remember the main thing – love yourself for who you are, and then everything in your body will be ideal and desirable!

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