How to make your eyes visually larger

How to make your eyes visually larger
Large expressive clear eyes Is a real treasure. However, if nature has not rewarded you, do not despair. Correctly selected make-up will help to achieve a dizzying result. You do not need to be a professional make-up artist: all the techniques described below are completely simple to perform.

You will need
  • shadows, ailineer, ink, eyelash curler
Before you go directly to the makeup of your eyes, model your eyebrows. The correct shape and correct arrangement will increase the space under the eyebrows, will make the look more open. Choose the shape that suits your face shape and extend the eyebrows by finishing them with a pencil.

Use in make-up shades of light, cream, pastel shades. Pearly, shiny shadows, light textures are welcomed. Light colors are applied to the mobile eyelid and under the eyebrow, and in the fold, apply dark matte. Use only a natural palette, avoid screaming, much less neon shades. Your main goal is to visually increase eyes, and not keep up with trends. If your eyes close planted, put light shadows on the inner corners of the eyes – this method is extremely effective.

Learn how to sum up correctly eyes. Do not use black eyeliner, you are recommended gray, lilac, green hues. Do not let the dark eyelid poke the inner eyelid. The inner eyelid is better or not touched at all or brought with white kayal. With regard to the technique of applying eyeliner, it is undesirable to connect the contours of the lower and upper eyelids. It is recommended not to use liquid liner, а обыкновенный контурный карандаш. Один из top ways to visually expand eyes – провести контуры, слегка отступив от линии роста ресниц, а затем растушевать их. Если у вас узкие eyes, draw arrows from the middle of the eyelids. The tips of the shooter should look up.

Take care of fluffy twirled cilia! Use curling irons and a special comb. Choose mascara that gives volume, but do not get too carried away. Eyelashes on lower eyelids it is better not to touch it at all. Apply mascara in zigzag movements: the cilia will be more uplifted.

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