How to make your eyes black

How to make your eyes black
Girls and women still prefer to use colored shadows, without even imagining that an ordinary black pencil can turn your eyes into a real work of art. To create a feminine image, you should know only a few secrets.

You will need
  • – concealer;
  • – black pencil;
  • – a brush or a cotton swab.
If there are dark circles or wrinkles around the eyes, take a concealer and make a pair of dots under the lower eyelid. Rub it until smooth transition with skin color or tonal remedy, do not let the concealer get into the eyes. Then apply a small amount of powder on the eyelids. This will make it easier to apply make-up and help keep its integrity longer.

Take a quality black pencil (preferably of medium softness, so that it can not damage the delicate skin of the eyes, the soft pencil will crumble) and draw over the upper eyelid. The pencil line should be drawn as close as possible to the line of eyelash growth. There are several ways out: draw the line from the inner to the outer edge of the eyelid; from the middle of the eyelid to the outer edge of the eye, and then to the inner corner.

The pencil trail will turn out beautiful and even when making the insertion with small, light strokes. Extend the upper arrow beyond the outer corner, so you visually extend the incision of the eyes. If you do not need this effect, smoothly interrupt the draw at the level of the upper eyelid line.

Use a soft black pencil if you want to add to your image of brightness and sexuality. Put a pencil on the upper eyelid, the farther from the inner corner, the brighter the line. Razhustuyte her special hard and slanting brush or cotton swab.

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